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Running heat

Tips to exercise during heat

With summer at its peak and temperatures rising (at least where I live) it’s getting harder for people to find the motivation to work out and then they just chill with an icecream at hand.

Does just thinking about working out make you sweat? I hope you answered “yes” because that would make me feel better about my own sweating habits. 🙂

But lame attempts at humour aside the title says I would give you some of my tips to work out during the heat so let’s move on.

Keep an eye on the weather

You want to try and work out at the time of day when it’s coldest. So keep an eye on the temperature predictions for the day. Because sometimes this does vary.

Typically it’s of course the morning or evening, but there could be a significant difference between the temperature, wind,… between the mornings and evenings.

Change your cardio

What I usually do on really hot days is leave running aside and go mountainbiking in the woods where it’s cooler and the wind from biking cools you down. Of course you could go swimming too or go out for a full day of canoeing. You’ll have fun and work out at the same time!

Slow it down

Now is not the time to try and break records. Be it a fastest lap, your deadlifting record,… The heat puts a strain on your body so don’t overload it by pushing it too far.

Most importantly listen to your body! If something feels wrong adapt!


Make sure you wear light, breathable clothing that allows sweat to evaporate. This will help you cool down faster but also avoids skin irritations.

Water, water, water

This should actually be a no-brainer but when you work out, you sweat and in hot weather you’ll sweat a lot more. But don’t just drink at times when you’re working out!
You need to drink throughout the whole day to keep your hydration levels high all the time.

During workouts you should be drinking around 100-200ml of water every 15 minutes to keep you from dehydrating.
If you don’t hydrate enough symptoms are: headache, dizziness, stomach pain,…
And that’s just something you wouldn’t want to put yourself through.


If you’re going to work out in the sun this should be something you should always do. Your skin is sensitive and even on cloudy days you could burn easily!

What do you think of these tips? Any tips yourself, then let me know!

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