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Peanut butter protein chocolate bars

Peanut butter protein chocolate bars





Ok first of all: I love peanut butter. In fact “love” doesn’t even do it justice, if I could i’d eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and 5 times as a snack. I’d have peanut butter running through my veins if I could.
But enough about me and my peanut butter romance!

So a lot of people grab the nearest candybar when they get hungry and I can’t blame them. Sometimes you just get these sweet cravings and sometimes it’s not bad to indulge in them.

But what if I can tell you that there’s an alternative? By that I mean an alternative to those cookies with no nutrional value whatsoever but an alternative that will satisfy your sweet tooth?

Sounds good right?

And what if I told you can make them yourself and you they are  no-bake and super-easy to make?
Well then you’ll be happy with these peanut butter protein chocolate bars.

These taste amazing, are easy to grab along but are much better than your packs of cookies. Now that doesn’t mean you should eat them all at once though 🙂

The sweetness of the honey combines well with the peanutbutter and bitterness of the chocolate. It packs an extra punch of protein and has complex carbs from the oatmeal.

Now these are healthiER than cookies but that doesn’t you should be having them three times a day if you like em. Now with that being said:

Let’s go make em!

Peanut butter protein chocolate bars


  • 80 grams oatmeal
  • 80 grams natural peanut butter
  • 60 grams honey
  • 1 scoop natural or vanilla flavored protein powder
  • couple of drops of vanilla extract
  • 80 grams dark chocolate
  • 1 tbsp melted coconut oil peanut oil is a substitute


  1. Blend the oats in a processor and place them in a bowl

  2. Meanwhile melt the chocolate au bain marie

  3. Then add all the other ingredients to the oats

  4. Now mix them, you will see it's a dry crumbly dough

  5. Line a tray with parchment paper add the dough and make a square out of it. You can roll it with a rolling pin. Make it as thick as you want

  6. Pour over the melted chocolate and then place in the fridge for at least an hour

  7. Remove from the fridge and cut the square into bars et voila!


  • 1356 kcal
  • 98 gr carbs
  • 84 gr fat
  • 51 gr potein

These are macro’s for everything so depending on how many bars you make the marco’s per bar vary. As you can tell they are high in kcal!


Enjoy and if you post it to Instagram don’t forget to tag me and use the hashtag #foodandstuffwithkjell



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