How to lose weight and keep it off: 10 tips

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How to lose weight and keep it off: measuring


How to lose weight and keep it off: it’s a combination a lot of people are looking for. I
f you have been following me for a while you’ll know I’ve lost quite a bit of weight myself. Around 20 kgs in fact over the course of 5-6 months and I want to give you some tips if you’re looking to lose weight yourself.
By no means is this the only way to lose weight and keep it off, but it’s a way that works! That much I can tell

Read through this and I’m sure you’ll start on the right path. And at the end of the page you’ll get a free mealprep guide to get you started, how about that?

1) There’s no magic way

Ok, let me start of first by saying that if you’re looking for some magic way to lose weight without any effort you’re at the wrong address.

There are no diet pills, putting on a sauna belt won’t burn your stomachfat, using laxatives (yes, that’s actually a thing!) ain’t gonna help either,…
So don’t waste your money on stupid things like that, you’re better off giving it to me and my peanutbutter addiction at least you’ll make one person happy then.

Now we got that out of the way, let’s move on to the next point.

2) Keep track of what you’re eating (and drinking)

Are you one of those people that doesn’t eat a lot yet still gains weight?
Then there’s a high probability you’re underestimating how much you eat or what you’re eating.
So I suggest you keep a foodjournal or use the app MyFitnesspal. Here you can find a comprehensive guide on how to use it.

As with everything: measuring is knowing. I can’t stress enough that this is one of the most crucial steps, so keep track of everything you eat diligently.

Do you recognize this type of thinking? “Well I can have a dessert because I went running for half an hour earlier today”.
Would you still eat it if you then found out that dessert set you back 500 calories, while you only burned 350 running? So you’re actually gaining weight instead of burning fat. That’s why you have to know what you’re eating.

A lot of people set themselves up for failure this way, they’re putting in the hours in the gym but are nullifying it by not keeping track of their food. Now why would you want to go through all that effort and then blow your results?

3) Your mindset

A lot of people overlook this aspect and begin half assed attempts at losing weight.
95% start their journey by saying these words ” I want to start losing weight”.

I know it sounds stupid but you have to say to yourself everyday that “you will lose weight”.
Convince yourself that you can actually do it, because you actually can! Believe me: I used to eat 1kg of lasagna every Friday followed by cookies and I did it, so so can you.

There’s nothing special or mysterious about people that lose weight, they believe in themselves and they put in the effort.

How to lose weight and keep it off: My transformation
From lasagnas to this

4) Visualisation

Visualisation starts off by visualising yourself and the way you want to look.
I did it by looking at pictures of people that had undergone a transformation in a similar fashion of what I would like to achieve. Also losing weight was always top of mind during that time, like literally. I became almost obsessed with it, but if you keep it top of mind for a couple of months you will get the results.

In everything I did I prioritized my weight loss journey.
Going out for dinner? Yeah sure, but I’ll eat a salad and drink some water. And guess what? You won’t have any less fun!

Visualisation also works in another way: every time I was offered a piece of cake, candy,… whatever that didn’t fit in my plan. I would visualise what that type of food would do to my body and there was no way in hell I would let a week of dieting go to waste for some temporary fix.

5) It’s temporary

This works on a couple of levels.
Eventhough losing weight isn’t sunshines and rainbows. Whatever it is, it is definitely temporary.
Once you’ve reached your goal weight and you have a good mindset and knowledge about food from using a way to track your food it’s not that difficult.

You now have the knowledge to go about things smartly, the hard part is now really over. So keep this in mind while you’re losing weight it’s all temporary this fase. What is 6 months if you’re gonna be happier about yourself for the next +20 years?

If there’s one thing I can tell you it is that being on the other side now: it’s 10.000 times better. Yeah sure, you could skip that work out or you could have that piece of cake and it will make you feel better for a while.
But what are 10 minutes of feeling good really worth when everytime you say “no” you’re on the path to feeling a whole lot better about yourself?

6) Track your progress

This works so motivating! What I did is I would track both my weight on a weekly basis and take pictures every week too.
I suggest weighing yourself on a fixed day in the morning after going to the toilet and keep that weight in an excel sheet.
You’ll notice in the beginning you’ll lose more weight but if the total trend is downward it helps you place things into context.

And since weight is just a number after all pictures show you first hand what kind of progress you’ve made. And it’s a lot harder to throw that out of the window.
So take pictures regularly and do this at the same place with the same lighting every time.
Changing lighting does a lot, so to compare correctly always take pictures at the same place.

But seeing your progress works incredibly motivating! Trust me, that reward tastes better than any chocolate chip cookie 🙂

This really is one of the keys to keeping the weight off too. Besides changing your mindset keeping regular track after your weightloss helps you too.
Keep those regular weigh-ins and pictures going so if you see a negative trend you can easily step in and with a minimal amout of effort stay on track!

7) Set a realistic goal

A realistic weight to lose is between 2 – 4 kgs per month. So choose your goalweight and count back accordingly to know how long  you’ll need to diet.

Now once again, weights isn’t everything but it does help to set realistic goals because it’s measurable.

8) Exercise

Either way you should always exercise. For weight loss it’s a great way to build your body. Wether you’re a man or woman, it doesn’t matter. Building muscle helps you to shape your body and the more muscle you have the more your body burns in rest.

And for the ladies: don’t worry lifting weights will NOT make you look like a man. If it was that easy to look like a bodybuilder, more people would look like it 🙂

I’m also a huge fan of cardio. It helps with your stamina and is good for your heart. Your heart is the engine of your body, you want to take good care of the thing that keeps you alive right?

But keep in mind that losing weight is 80% food and 20% exercise!

how to lose weight and keep it off: Always exercise
Always exercise

9) Learn to cope with temporary set-backs

It is inevitable that you will have some set-backs. If it’s mentally, keep in mind the reason why you’re doing it and look back at all the progress you’ve made.

If it’s physical try to break throught the plateau. Recalculate your calorie needs in MyFitnesspall because the less your body weighs the less you will need to eat. If you’ve lost a lot of weight but are still eating what you were eating months ago the weight will no longer come off that easily.

10) Timing and planning

This is maybe the most important tip on how to lose weight and keep it off, timing!

Timing just isn’t that difficult, you can and should start NOW.
Oh but I’m going to a birthday party this weekend” or “I’m going on vacation next week and want to enjoy”.

You will not believe how many times I’ve heard this, and what happens after? You’re right: nothing or they start and the week after there’s another party and they fall off the wagon. This all goes back to point 5: it’s all temporary so start by setting these temptations aside right now.

A great way to plan your way into this and be well prepared is to mealprep. Preparing your meals is a sure way you will not give into tempations. After all losing weight is 80% based on your nutrition so proper planning will make things so much easier.
Luckily if you subscribe to my blog you will get a free short guide on how to mealprep, so I highly suggest you do at the bottom of this page.
You’ll notice it will save you time too!



If there’s one word to help you to lose weight and keep it off it is “YOU”.
I truly believe that anyone with the right mindset can achieve what they want to. And sure it takes some sacrifice but like with everything in life : if you truly dedicate yourself to something you will get the results you want. And most of all be honest with yourself!

Want to get started? Click here and get a 100% free guide on how to mealprep, so you have the right tools!
If you have any more questions, just contact me.

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