Kjell Jansen



So this is me, Kjell Jansen. I’m currently living in Hasselt, Limburg.
Welcome to my site, as the name suggested I’ll be posting about cooking and stuff. 🙂



My goal here is to help people to make quick, easy and healthy recipes to improve their lifestyle and health.

What will you find here?

I’ll  be posting recipes here found on my Instagram page.

I also lived in Thailand for a while so I speak, write and read Thai. But I’m also a huge fan of Thai food. I’ve followed many Thai cooking schools there so you’ll find a lot of classic and less classic Thai dishes here.



I lost around 20kgs in half a year by eating right and working out.
80% of losing weight is the way you eat (I refuse to call it a diet), unfortunately this is where most people feel, they get stuck in eating the same old feel bored with it and quit.
I’m here to help you eat healthy with actually liking it, if you have any more questions go to the contact section.

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And this is me before and after, just to prove what proper nutrition can do to you. And that it definitely works.

Before and after

Before and after

Also I just want to introduce my Pug Muffin randomly 🙂